Outstanding Evaluation/Validation Award

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Outstanding Evaluation/Validation Award

The Forensic Research Committee of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors is proud to announce the ASCLD FRC Outstanding Evaluation/Validation Award.  The goal of the award is to promote information-sharing between labs through open access to comprehensive validations.  The award will recognize an outstanding evaluation/validation study that has been submitted to the FRC Evaluation/Validation Repository within the last two years.

The winner will be recognized at the ASCLD Annual Symposium and will receive an award plaque highlighting their contribution to advance forensic science and their dedication to sharing information to support technology implementation in other forensic science labs.

Past Winners:

2023 Outstanding Evaluation/Validation Award: Michelle Peck, Signature Science, Center for Advanced Genomics for “ForenSeq Kintelligence Kit, MiSeq FGx Sequencing, and Universal Analysis Software Internal Validation”

2022 Outstanding Evaluation/Validation Award: Szabolcs Sofalvi, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office for “Development of Quadratic External Calibration Models using EZSTATSG2”

2021 Outstanding Evaluation/Validation Award: Lindsey Admire, North Carolina State Laboratory for “Implementing Hematoxylin into Casework at the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory”

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