The American Society of Crime Lab Directors represents managers, directors, and leaders of crime laboratories across the United States spanning the entire range of local, state, and federal government laboratories as well as private labs. As such, policymakers often look to ASCLD to weigh in on matters affecting the nation’s crime labs. ASCLD produces Position Papers, Formal Comments, and Official Statements on a wide range of topics. Below, you can find ASCLD’s official positions and comments on multiple issues across last last several years.

2017 ASCLD Position Statements

2014 ASCLD Position Statements

2008 Position Statements

The purpose of the following position statements from 2008 is to provide guidelines to those outside our community for the positions we support in order to safeguard the integrity and value of our profession. These are not immutable laws nor are they all inclusive. However, they represent ASCLD’s positions on what each laboratory operation should strive to meet. ASCLD recognizes the tremendous value, trust and responsibility that the forensic sciences bring and the role our laboratories play within the broader justice community and to the public it serves. In keeping with ASCLD’s history of providing leadership to the forensic community, we are proud to offer our 2008 Position Statements. It is the intent of ASCLD to actively promote open communication and a better understanding of the guiding principles of our profession with all interested parties so we may collectively benefit from meeting our core mission.

-Issued December 2008 by President Dean M. Gialamas and President-Elect Beth Greene

ASCLD Comments on National Commission on Forensic Science Documents

ASCLD Comments on U.S. Department of Justice Documents

2019 Needs Assessment Report for Forensic Laboratories and Medical Examiners

Uniform Language for Testimony and Reports

Forensic Science Discipline Reviews

2017 RFI on Advancing Forensic Science