On behalf of the ASCLD Board of Directors, we would like to thank you for visiting our website, and also for considering the sponsorship of our great organization. ASCLD has a long standing tradition of maintaining healthy partnerships with companies that provide products and services to the forensic science community. We intend to continue that tradition and hope you will remain active in our association affairs.

The Crime Lab Minute newsletter is a weekly publication that attracts many visitors from within and outside of the forensic science profession.

The ASCLD Board of Directors is confident that our vendors will find our web format to be an effective means to access the community of crime laboratory directors and forensic science managers around the world. We hope that you will consider one of the sponsorship and advertising options provided below. We are excited to be able to provide a business-friendly environment while keeping our members informed about the events that are shaping the world of forensic science on a daily basis.

Please take some time to review the information below. Our Board of Directors has made our website and weekly newsletter a priority. We hope you will too!

Thank you again for your support and dedication to our membership.

ASCLD Sponsorship FAQs

Here’s why!  The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) is the premier association of leaders in the forensic science community. Our membership is comprised of hundreds of crime laboratory directors and forensic science managers, each of whom play a critical role in his or her laboratory’s procurement of supplies and equipment, investments in training and the validation of new technologies. Nothing happens in forensic science without the approval of crime laboratory directors and managers – our members!
The primary method of communication used by ASCLD is the ASCLD website ( and the Crime Lab Minute, our weekly electronic newsletter that is distributed each Monday morning with a variety of announcements and news. The ASCLD website averages 400 unique visitors per day and the home page is refreshed regularly with valuable resources for crime laboratory directors and managers. The Crime Lab Minute is distributes weekly to more than 600 member email addresses.  Please also visit our Vendor Gallery, which is your online marketplace for forensic science products and services.
View the sponsorship packages below, and click on the link below the package of your choice.  You will be taken to a page to complete the Vendor Registration Form and someone from ASCLD will contact you promptly.
On the vendor gallery page, ASCLD will post your company’s logo and profile that includes address, phone number, and a description of the products and services offered. We will hyperlink your logo to a website or email address of your choice. As part of your participation in the vendor gallery, your logo will cycle through the carousel at the bottom of the ASCLD home page, with an accompanying link to your profile. This will give you significant exposure to our membership throughout the calendar year. Please note:  the submitted logo should be 250 pixels wide and a maximum of 100 pixels high.
ASCLD will post an advertisement in the Crime Lab Minute, the official weekly publication of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD). A side-box ad is 192 pixels wide and a maximum of 250 pixels high (2 inches wide and 3 inches high) containing graphical or text information of your choice. TIFF, jpeg, or png files are preferred.

  ASCLD Sponsorship Pricing

ASCLD offers the following fee structure for advertisement on the ASCLD website and the Crime Lab Minute newsletter.



  • 3-Month Advertisement Period
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  • 6-Month Advertisement Period
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