Below are vendors that provide valuable sponsorships to the ASCLD organization. The Board of Directors is grateful to our sponsoring organizations that help us provide services and support to our members. Please take a moment and visit the vendors’ webpages below.



Verogen Website

Verogen serves those who pursue the truth using genetic tools. Powered by Illumina technology and working in partnership with forensic laboratories, Verogen is advancing science to unlock the true potential of forensic genomics. For more information, visit

A2LA Workplace Training

A2LA Workplace Training Website

A2LA WorkPlace Training (A2LA WPT) is a nonprofit organization established with a vision of being the leading management systems, conformity assessment, and measurement training company in the world. Our mission is to provide independent, world-class training programs that inspire confidence in the quality of service and acceptance of results from organizations.

Be a leader in your industry by building confidence and consistency in your product through A2LA WPT’s broad spectrum of instructor-led and online e-learning training courses. Move ahead of your competition by learning best practices on international standards, quality systems, technical tools, and soft skills.

Center for Forensic Science Research

Center for Forensic Science Research Website

Providing innovation, education, training, advanced technology and expertise to promote progress and quality in the forensic sciences for over 25 years.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Website

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments delivers a full line of analytical instrumentation, from AA, ICP-MS, GC, and FTIR to UHPLC, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, and UV-Vis, to meet all your forensic science needs. Shimadzu’s instruments offer superior sensitivity and analytical precision to provide the consistent, accurate results that are critical to your lab. Whether you work with illicit drugs, seized materials, criminalistics, trace or toxicology, Shimadzu can deliver the high-quality solutions and the expert support that you need for continued success.


ANAB Website

ANAB is the new home of ASCLD/LAB.

ANAB is the leader for independent third-party accreditation of forensic agencies. We offer accreditation based on ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17025.

The longest established provider of accreditation based on ISO standards for forensic agencies in the United States, ANAB began providing accreditation of forensic testing agencies to ISO/IEC 17025 in 1982 and accreditation of forensic inspection services to ISO/IEC 17020 in 2011.

Accreditation is based on assessment of an agency’s technical qualifications and competence for conducting specific testing, calibration, and/or inspection activities within the scope of ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/IEC 17020 and any relevant field-specific standards included in amplification documents. All ANAB forensic accreditation programs are based on ILAC G19, with the ANAB International (non-USA) programs focused on use of this international guidance document.

ANAB offers flexible scoping. An agency can determine which aspects of its testing, calibration, and/or inspection services to accredit.

ANAB issues an accreditation certificate only after nonconformities are resolved. This assures your customers that your agency is truly in compliance with the appropriate ISO standards.

Each accreditation cycle includes the initial on-site assessment for accreditation followed by regular surveillance activities to assess continued compliance with accreditation requirements.