Our Mission

To promote the effectiveness of crime laboratory leaders throughout the world by facilitating communication among members, sharing critical information, providing relevant training, promoting crime laboratory accreditation, and encouraging scientific and managerial excellence in the global forensic community.

Organization Bylaws

The ASCLD Bylaws govern the operation and function of the organization. Revisions to the bylaws are brought to the membership via the ASCLD Board of Directors and require a vote by the membership. ASCLD's current bylaws can be found below.

ASCLD Bylaws

Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics is an important document for public service employees who are tasked with job functions that can help prove innocence or guilt. These responsibilities demand the highest levels of public confidence. Complimentary to the ASCLD Code of Ethics is the ASCLD Anti-Harassment Policy, approved by the Board of Directors on 6/17/2022. ASCLD's Code of Ethics and Anti-harassment policies can be found below.

ASCLD Code of EthicsEthics Allegation FormAnti-Harassment Policy

Strategic Plan

The ASCLD Board develops two-year strategic plans for the organization. These plans include a two-year NOPA (National Outreach Priorities & Agenda) which describe the Board's positions on a variety of forensic management and organization topics.

2022 - 2023 Strategic Plan