ASCLD Launches Accreditation Initiative


On April 1, 2019, ASCLD announced the formal launch of the ASCLD Accreditation Initiative (AAI) designed to provide direct support, mentorship, and resources for laboratories seeking initial accreditation.  

As of today, four labs have been approved through Agreements with additional labs considering and completing Agreements at this time.  Mentors have been identified and paired with the labs to support them through the 14 steps and Roadmap to achieve accreditation.  The ADATF continues to recruit labs and mentors as incoming requests for assistance are received.

In May 2019 during the ASCLD Symposium, a workshop was held You CAN Get Accredited…ASCLD Can Help. The format for the workshop was to introduce the initiative to workshop participants, invite ANAB and A2LA to share their process for accreditation and Arbinger’s approach to customer service with an Outward Mindset, offer testimonials from labs involved in the pilot program, and have breakout sessions among participants and accrediting organizations to discuss common challenges with labs pursuing accreditation.

The overall objective of AAI is to create a network of shared resources and “labs helping labs” in achieving their accreditation goals with an opportunity for these labs to give back to other labs pursuing the same in the future. ASCLD has committed to creating an online toolkit to assist labs with resources and steps to work through the accreditation process.  ASCLD is working with other organizations that have successfully implemented digital toolkits to evaluate the design and usability of the toolkit, lessons learned, and testimonials from their customers .

For more information, visit the AAI Homepage