Bridge Course Now available!

Calling all alumni of the ASCLD Leadership Academy, West Virginia Forensic Management Academy, or UC Davis Forensic Lab Leadership and Management Program! Do you wish you could apply that completed course to become a Level 1 Certified Forensic Manager?

NOW YOU CAN! Announcing the ASCLD, Level 1, Certified Forensic Manager BRIDGE Course!

The bridge course serves to close the gap between content delivered in previous management trainings and learning outcomes expected on the Certified Forensic Manger, Level 1, (CFM-I) examination.

Register NOW for the ASCLD CFM-I bridge course and you’ll receive access to 14 on-demand webinars to refresh your learning at your own pace and qualify you for the CFM-I online examination.

NOTE:  The ASCLD Bridge Course will be retired December 31, 2023.  At that time, the NFSA CFM-I exam window will close and all students wishing to take the CFM-I exam will be required to complete the formal ASCLD Leadership Academy.

What's Included?

  • Access to 32 hours of ASCLD Leadership Academy content in 16 on-demand webinars covering the learning outcomes in the CFM-I program
  • Access to 2 additional webinars from the NIJ Forensic Technology Center of Excellence
  • Access to a recorded examination study session for exam prep
  • Registration for the online CFM-I certification examination (taken on-demand, on your schedule)
  • Technical support for completing the webinars and examination registration

Who qualifies?

  • ASCLD Leadership Academy alumni
  • WVU Forensic Management Academy alumni
  • UC Davis Forensic Lab Leadership and Management Program alumni

What does it cost?

  • Cost for the bridge course is $250
  • The cost of taking the CFM-I exam is INCLUDED in the bridge course. ASCLD will pay your exam registration fee for you.

How do I get certified?

  • Register for the BRIDGE course

    Registration for the bridge course is open until June 30, 2021.

  • Complete the webinars

    Students will have 6 months to complete the webinars, once registered.

  • CFM-I online examination

    Register for and pass the online exam.


    Frame and hang on the wall!

Where can I learn more?

  • To learn more about the Certified Forensic Manager program, email Tom Ewing at
  • For questions about the bridge course, email Jeremy Triplett at