ADVOCACY COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Co-chairs: Matthew Gamette & Erin Forry | Email: or

ASCLD advocacy is action taken to influence or produce systemic change to ensure fair treatment and social justice for forensic science and scientists. Changes may be pursued in legislation, government policy, or the policies and practices of agencies that affect our profession.

Advocacy efforts of ASCLD are coordinated through the Advocacy Committee Chair. The Chair establishes regional points of contacts (POCs) that make up the Advocacy Committee. Each POC is assigned to oversee the distribution and collection of information to the ASCLD membership, spanning four to five states in their geographic region. These POCs also facilitate networking within the membership and ASCLD stakeholders to advance ASCLD’s mission.

Advocacy Committee duties include:

  • Maintain a national network of regional points of contacts.
  • Participate in Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations (CFSO) functions.
  • Provide resource and media assistance, if necessary.
  • Conducts legislative outreach.
  • Coordinate with the International Liaison Committee for action on international advocacy efforts.

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COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Debbie Leben | Email:

The Communications Committee is responsible for managing and facilitating the distribution of information among ASCLD members, board directors, committee members, and the public at large. This is accomplished via the weekly “Crime Lab Minute” newsletter and timely updating of the ASCLD website.

The Communications Committee facilitates the business of other committees by presenting information management options that are necessary for these committees to achieve their objectives. In this regard, the Communications Committee plays a pivotal role in preparing for the annual symposium and recruiting new members on behalf of the Membership Committee.

Communications Committee duties include:

  • Maintain and update the ASCLD website
  • Prepare and distribute the weekly Crime Lab Minute newsletter
  • Manage the various sponsorship programs that allow vendors to advertise electronically on the website and in the Crime Lab Minute
  • Provide oversight of the webmaster’s duties.
  • Distribute important communications to members
  • Update the ASCLD mailing list

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ETHICS & BYLAWS COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Brooke Arnone | Email:

The purpose of the Ethics and Bylaws Committee is to facilitate amendments of the ASCLD Bylaws in accordance with Article XII. Amendments of the Bylaws and Code of Ethics and to advise the Executive Committee and Board of Directors when the conduct of business conflicts with authority granted by the Bylaws. The committee also makes inquiries and acts upon violations to the Code of Ethics brought to the Board of Director’s attention. For convenience, the committee chair may divide the committee into two subcommittees, one for Bylaws and one for Ethics.

Bylaws Subcommittee duties include:

  • Maintain a word processing file of the current Bylaws document.
  • Facilitate publication and distribution of Notice of Potential Bylaw Amendments in accordance with Article XII. Amendments of the current ASCLD Bylaws.
  • Create drafts of proposed amendments to the Bylaws as directed by the President or Board of Directors.
  • Assist any member(s) of the corporation in proposing an amendment to the Bylaws in compliance with Article XII of the ASCLD Bylaws.
  • Monitor the conduct of business and advise the President of potential conflicts with the Bylaws of the corporation.
  • Write up and distribute all Board approved proposals for Bylaws changes to the membership at least thirty (30) days before the Annual Business Meeting in compliance with Article XII. Amendments of the current ASCLD Bylaws.

Ethics Subcommittee duties include:

  • Maintain the Code of Ethics and coordinate with the Communications committee to ensure they are posted in an accessible place on the ASCLD website.
  • Receive all ethics complaints brought before the ASCLD Board of Directors and apply them to the Code of Ethics via the “Enforcement Procedure” of the Code of Ethics.
  • Propose new ethics criteria, when appropriate, and offer proposed changes to the Code to the Board of Directors for approval.

CLICK HERE to view the ASCLD Bylaws
CLICK HERE to view the ASCLD Code of Ethics

FINANCE COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Andrea Swiech | Email:

The finance committee ensures the financial stability of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors through the ongoing assessment and monitoring of ASCLD’s annual operating budget, investment portfolio, disbursements, contribution activities, and annual audit report. The committee periodically develops, reviews, and/or modifies financial and investment policy guidelines and financial performance benchmarks in support of ASCLD’s strategic plan and makes financial recommendations, as appropriate, to the Board of Directors. The current Treasurer sits as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Finance Committee duties include:

  • Establish and monitor specific long term and annual financial performance benchmarks with regard to the investment portfolio, and contributions, reserve fund, annual operating budget, etc. in support of ASCLD’s strategic plan.
  • Review and recommend financial and accounting policies.
  • Review investment performance on a quarterly basis and recommend changes with regard to asset allocation.
  • Review and recommend the annual operating budget.
  • Accept the report of the audit committee at Spring meeting.
  • Identify short and long-term fundraising goals, and review and monitor progress against accomplishing those goals.
  • Develop reports, policy statements and recommend action to the Board of Directors.
FORENSIC RESEARCH COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Henry Maynard | Email:

The Forensic Research Committee seeks to advance core forensic science by closing technology gaps and enable future forensic technologies by identifying research, development, technology, and evaluation needs and priorities in the forensic community. The committee develops recommendations for courses of action and advises the ASCLD Board of Directors on RDT&E related issues, projects, and processes in order to support the development of enduring future forensic capabilities. The Forensic Research Committee is intentional in coordinating with federal, state, and local U.S. government agencies, select international governments, academia, and industry to accomplish its goals and objectives. The committee also develops technology transition plans for new forensic technology and distributes study results to the ASCLD community.

Forensic Research Committee Duties include:

  • Identify responsible stakeholders for developing, sourcing, and executing forensic RDT&E requirements.
  • Engage and collaborate with laboratories, other government agencies, industry, and academia.
  • Synchronize and leverage multiple RDT&E efforts by various organizations and strategic partners.
  • Distribute the benefits of forensic related RDT&E activity to all stakeholders.
  • Influence various organizations, industry, and academic research and development.
  • Respond to the direction of the ASCLD Board of Directors to provide forensic advice and recommendations as requested.
  • Interact with other ASCLD committees to include informational exchanges on crosscutting issues, requests for comments on policy documents, and information sharing across the spectrum of forensic sciences.

CLICK HERE to view the Forensic Research Committee page, which describes ongoing ASCLD research initiatives.

INTERNATIONAL LIAISON COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Christian Westring | Email:

The International Liaison committee, also called the International Diplomacy Council, is technically a subcommittee of the Advocacy committee. It’s scope of duties are wide-enough, however, that it is more realistic to view it as its own standing committee.

The International Liaison committee conducts outreach to address international forensic science diplomacy efforts and to represent ASCLD in all international affairs. In doing so, the committee creates opportunities for crime laboratory directors to collaborate across the global forensic science community. This includes sharing information, identifying improvements to ASCLD as an organization, and working with our international partners to implement programs and services for ASCLD members.

International Liaison Committee Duties include:

  • Coordinate advocacy activities in the international arena
  • Advance ASCLD’s mission through outreach to international laboratories
  • Provide resource assistance through “Twinning” arrangements
  • Establish and maintain correspondence with international organizations at the direction of the ASCLD President and Board of Directors
  • Provide reports to the ASCLD Board of Directors, as appropriate
  • Provide articles for the “Crime Lab Minute” newsletter and ASCLD website
  • Coordinate information exchange with other international forensic organizations
  • Facilitate workshops and presentations between international organizations and ASCLD

CLICK HERE to view the website of the International Forensic Strategic Alliance (IFSA), the internation organization through which the International Liaison committee does much of its work.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Linda Jackson | Email:

The Membership Committee handles all aspects of ASCLD membership, including receipt of membership applications, verification of membership eligibility, and recommendation on all matters of membership to the Board of Directors including the granting of membership and removal from membership.

Membership Committee duties include:

  • Provide a current membership list to the Board of Directors
  • Respond to questions from potential applicants and current ASCLD members regarding membership categories, application procedures, etc.
  • Verify the eligibility of each applicant’s materials to comply with membership guidelines established in the ASCLD Bylaws
  • Report to the Board regarding membership issues and statistics at each board meeting
  • Review membership procedures and forms and update, when necessary
  • Recruit new members to ASCLD
  • Conduct appropriate research on additional potential membership categories

CLICK HERE to view additional information on ASCLD Membership categories, requirements, and applications

NOMINATING & AWARDS COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Rita Dyas | Email:

The Nominating and Awards Committee handles issues related to the nomination and election of the Board of Directors, the nomination and selections of candidates for the Briggs White Award, and the selection of ASCLD scholarship awards.

Nominating & Awards Committee duties include:

  • Solicit nominations for Board of Directors positions from the membership as well as self-nominations from interested members.
  • Certify the eligibility of potential candidates to the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure candidates are regular members in good standing, represent the ASCLD organization, and embody all types of labs and geographic regions.
  • Solicit nominations for the Briggs White Award from eligible members and select a recipient to present to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Collect and evaluate applications for the annual scholarship awards from undergraduate students in forensic science programs and select recipient(s) to present to the Board of Directors for approval.

CLICK HERE to view a list of all the previous Briggs White Award winners.
CLICK HERE to learn how to nominate someone for the Briggs White Award or an annual scholarship.

SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Kris Deters | Email:

ASCLD has a long-standing tradition of maintaining partnerships with companies that provide products and services to the forensic science community. Vendors find the ASCLD web format to be an effective means to access the community of crime laboratory directors and forensic science managers around the world. The sponsorship committee coordinates vendor advertising on the website as well as the vendor exhibition booths at the annual ASCLD Symposium.

Sponsorship Committee duties include:

  • Seek out vendors to develop sponsorship opportunities that benefit both the ASCLD organization and the vendor’s business
  • Coordinate the vendor sponsors listed on the ASCLD website
  • Enlist vendors to exhibit at the annual ASCLD symposium

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SYMPOSIUM PLANNING COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Matthew Gamette | Email:

The Symposium Planning Committee is responsible for the planning and hosting of ASCLD’s Annual Symposium, including budgeting and record keeping. The ASCLD President-Elect heads this committee and works closely with the Training and Education Committee and the Meeting Planner.

Symposium Planning Committee duties include:

  • Develop theme for upcoming symposia
  • Coordinate with Training & Education Committee to advance strategic training goals during annual symposium
  • Enlist speakers / workshop instructors for symposia
  • Coordinate details of symposium planning with meeting planners, Board of Directors, and ASCLD Executive Director
  • Interface with local laboratories in symposium city to develop local symposium activities

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TRAINING & EDUCATION COMMITTEE | 2017-2018 Chair: Tim Scanlan | Email:

Training & Education Committee duties include:

The ASCLD board of directors is elected, in part, to make strategic decisions that advance the professions of forensic science and forensic science management while ensuring the long-term stability of ASCLD, Inc. A significant focus of modern forensic science managers is the continuing education and training of crime laboratory personnel. The Training and Education Committee works closely with the Symposium Planning Committee and the Meeting Planner to provide speakers, instructors for workshops, and poster sessions for the Annual Symposium. Additionally, the Training & Education committee coordinates periodic webinar series on pertinent topics to the membership. The Training & Education committee also oversees the ASCLD Leadership Academy.

Training & Education duties include:

  • Develop timely and relevent training programs / webinars to advance education of the ASCLD membership
  • Interface with Symposium Planning Committee to plan, develop, and deliver the annual ASCLD symposium
  • Oversee and coordinate the ASCLD Leadership Academy

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