Be Bold Enough to Be You

Paul Butler – Paul Butler Presentations, LLC

Leading Change

Rik Nemanick – The Leadership Effect

Plenary Block I

Transforming Forensic Science Services in NC: Winning the Hearts and Minds through Transparency

John Byrd – North Carolina State Crime Laboratory

Creating a culture of Change: A Case Study

Julie Sikorsky – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Plenary Block II

FORESIGHT: Problems, Arguments, and Solutions

Max Houck – Forensic & Intelligence Services

The Push for Change/Change Management

Mike Lee – Agilent Technologies

The Change Management in the Forensic Science Department of Costa Rica

Mauricio Chacon – Forensic Science Department Costa Rica

Plenary Block III

Developing a Laboratory Response Network for Toxicology

Matthew Gamette – Idaho State Police

NYPD Police Laboratory Forensic Evidence Management

Stacey Butler – NYPD Policy Laboratory

Accrediting a Digital Evidence Laboratory

Tracy Walraven – DC Department of Forensic Services

LIMS in the 2020 Decade

Brouce Houlihan – Orange County Crime Lab

So You Think You Know how your Database Runs?

Rachel Harmon – Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Plenary Block IV

Quality Assurance: How to Reduce the Chance of a Problem and Address Problems that Arise

Karen Wiggins – DC Department of Forensic Sciences

Shifting Professional Quality of Life in the Crime Lab

Amy Jeanguenat – Mindgen

The First Rule of Dunning-Kruger Club: The Low and High Ends of Expertise

Max Houck – Forensic & Intelligence Services

Plenary Block V

Forensic Genealogical Searching and the Golden State Killer

Ray Wickenheiser – New York State Police Crime Laboratory System

The Modern DNA Intelligence Landscape: End of the "Cold Case" as we Know it?

Cydne Holt – Verogen, Inc.

Plenary Block VI

Analyzing Approaches to the Backlog of Untested Sexual Assault Kits in the US

Lawrence Wein – Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Increasing Sexual Assault Kit Workflow through Automation

Leslie Parke – Signature Science, LLC
Jamie Haas – Signature Science, LLC

Property Crimes: The "Wheel" Problem

Kathleen Featherston – Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Plenary Block VII

Moving to the Next Level to Further Support the Forensic Sciences

Garry Bombard – Loyola University Chicago

Collaborate to Validate: Implementing Massively Parallel Sequencing in a Busy Casework Lab

Krystyna Hopkinson – DC Department of Forensic Sciences

Validation and Implementation of the Evofinder System at the DC Dept of Forensic Sciences

Jonathan Pope – DC Department of Forensic Sciences

FTcOE: The Role of Reliable Information from a Trusted Source in Forensic Improvement

John Morgan – Research Triangle Institute

Global Collaboration for Stronger Forensic Science

Dave Sylvester – NFSTC@FIU

Plenary Block VIII

Technology to Facilitate Brady/Giglio Disclosures

Sara Bitner – Allegheny County Office of the Medical Examiner & Forensic Laboratory

Introduction to ASB Standards

Teresa Ambrosius – Academy Standards Board

Census of Publicly Funded Forensic Crime Labs: A Necessary Tool for Embracing Change

Hope Smiley-McDonald – RTI International
Kevin Scott – Bureau of Justice Statistics

Plenary Block IX

Update on the ASCLD Trauma and Stress Working Group

Alice Isenberg – FBI Laboratory

ASCLD Emerging Drugs Task Force Update

Bruce Houlihan – Orange County Crime Lab
Linda Jackson – Virginia Dept of Forensic Science

Findings from the DEA's 2017 NFLIS Toxicology Laboratory Survey

DeMia Pressley – Drug Enforcement Administration

Disaster Victim ID Rapid DNA Response Workshop: Summary

Amanda Sozer – SNA International
Chris Miles – Department of Homeland Security
Ray Wickenheiser – NY State Police Crime Lab