National Commission on Forensic Science
Mr. Nelson Santos

Dispelling Myths Surrounding ISO/IEC 17020
Ms. Erin Henry

Is There an Ideal Forensic Science Delivery System?
Mr. Barry Fisher, Mr. Doug Lucas, Dr. Jay Siegel, Mr. Dean Gialamas,
Mr. John Collins, and Ms. Erica Gersowitz

Rapid DNA Instrument Assessment and FBI Concept for CODIS Integration
Dr. Tom Callaghan

Results of an error rate study for firearms examination
Dr. David Baldwin

The Arizona DPS Rapid DNA project
Mr. Vince Figarelli

National Forensic Laboratory Information System: Major Components and their Status
Dr. Kevin Strom

NIST Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC): Launch and Timeline
Mr. John Paul Jones II

Legislative Update
Chan Park, Senior Counsel, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy
Stephen Tausend, Senior Counsel, U.S. Senator John Cornyn

NIJ Funding Update
Mr. Gerald Laporte

Establishing a Lab Culture of Quality
Dr. Emma Dutton

How Can a Customer Working Group Help a Lab Director
Ms. Kristine Hamann

Science and Forensics
Mr. Garth Glassburg

An Overview of the Mass Fatality Investigation (Train Derailment)
Mr. Pascal Mireault

Effective Root Cause Analysis: Why Blaming the Individual Misses the Point
Dr. Emma K Dutton

What Kind of Non- DNA Training do We Give to Our DNA Technical Leaders
Mr. John Paul Jones II

Small Lab Challenges Big Lab Solutions
Ms. Kris Cano

ASCLD/LAB Top 10 Non-conformances: 2014
Dr. Emma K. Dutton

Communicating with Our Clients: A New Approach to Lab Reports
Mr. Dean Gialamas

Systems Approach to Reducing Artificial Backlogs
Dr. Max Houck and Dr. Chris Maguire