Below is a listing of current employment opportunities submitted by public institutions associated with forensic science and/or private vendors who support the ASCLD website through a sponsorship in the vendor gallery. Please contact the organization listed for each opportunity directly for more information about a particular position.

Posting Jobs – ASCLD posts job announcements free of charge, submitted by public crime laboratories and other public institutions involved with forensic science. Private companies registered in our vendor gallery may post ads as well. In order to have a position posted on the website, please complete and submit a request for each position. Please include an attachment with the job description. The job description should be a Word document (.doc or .docx), text document (.txt), or adobe reader file (.pdf). Postings are listed for up to 3 months at a time and can be renewed by sending an email request to [email protected]. After review, the job announcement will be posted if it meets the requirements for the website.

Student Internships – The ASCLD web site does not accept resumes from students seeking internships at crime laboratories. Students should contact laboratories directly to inquire about opportunities.

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  • Forensic Chemist, Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification, Raleigh, Expires:  December 23, 2016
  • Chair, West Virginia University – Department of Forensic & Investigative Science, Morgantown, WV, Expires:  January 9, 2017
  • Firearms Examiner, Houston Forensic Science Center, Houston, TX, Expires:  December 26, 2016
  • Criminalist, Level II, New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner, New York, New York, Expires:  December 30, 2016